Below is a list of the staff at OES.  Email address are provided as well for your convenience  Clicking on the email address should take you to your email program.  If not please copy and paste.

Teacher Name Grade Division Email Address
Mrs. M. Dirk

Mrs. J. Formo

K 1 mdirk@sd53.bc.ca


Mrs. K. Chenier K 2 kchenier@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. G. Stone 1 3 gstone@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. S. Rowland 1 4 srowland@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. T. Kruiper 1 5 tkruiper@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. E. Greenwood 2 6 egreenwo@sd53.bc.ca
Mr. C. Chenier 2 7 cchenier@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. T. Dionne 3 8 tdionne@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. J. Agosta 3/4 9 jagosta@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. J. Martin 4 10 jmartin@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. N. Basanti 4 11 nbasanti@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. L. LeBlanc

Ms. A. Palmer

5 12 lmartine@sd53.bc.ca


Ms. Osler 5 13  
Ms. R. Grimard 5 14 rgrimard@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. M. Basso 6 15 mabasso@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. S. Sharma 7 16 ssharma@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. J. Khodarahmi 7 17 jkhodara@sd53.bc.ca
  Learner Support    
Mrs. L. Martine Music/Library   lmartine@sd53.bc.ca
Miss L. Ante Band/Music   lante@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. L. Fairbrother CRT   lfairbro@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. N. MacNaughton CRT & Learner Support   nmacnaug@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. D. Svendsen ELL   dsvendse@sd53.bc.ca
Mrs. S. Koteles Strongstart   skoteles@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. L. Gludovatz & Mrs. L. Sykes Pre-school & After School Care    
Mrs. C. Martins Educational Assistant    
Mrs. D. Deeg Educational Assistant    
Mrs. A. Selsing Educational Assistant    
Ms. J. Johnson Educational Assistant    
Mrs. T. Schmidle Educational Assistant    
Mrs. S. Poirer Educational Assistant    
Mrs. S. Zaruk Educational Assistant    
Mrs. S. Marsel Aboriginal Support   smarsel@sd53.bc.ca
Mr. J. Tabios Custodian    
Mr. D. Hamilton Custodian    
Ms. M. Cancela Secretary   mcancela@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. S. MacRae Secretary & Library   smacrae@sd53.bc.ca
Ms. A. Palmer Vice-Principal & Gr. 5   apalmer@sd53.bc.ca
Mr. J. McAllister Principal   jmcallis@sd53.bc.ca